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Welcome to the SIMBA

This site will keep you up to date with the SIMBA project which is funded by the European Union and implemented by Welthungerhilfe and Agricultural Partnership Trust in Gokwe South.

SIMBA stands for Sustainable Intensification of Market Based Agriculture and means "Power" in the native Shona language.

The project targets a total of 11000 farmer households and concentrates on production of agricultural products and marketing of surplus.

The project started in 2013 and runs for four years until 2017.

For further up-to-date information, please see the monthly reports here.

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Funded by the European Union Implemented by Welthungerhilfe Implemented by APT



The Regional Director of Welthungerhilfe visited Gokwe South in January. She witnessed activities on the ground and had fruitful interactions with the communites.





Boschveld chicken are making a difference in the lives of Gokwe families.

Mirriam Taonesa is a widow with five children, the first one doing form one (8th grade) whilst the rest are still at primary level. She resides at Njelele 3, Taonesa cluster in Makia village. The widow joined SIMBA as an adopter member in 2015 and is one of those benefited from the Boshveld programme. Mirriam was one of the poorest widow in the village. The Boshveld intervention changed her life when she started selling Boshveld eggs. At first she was picking an average of 21 eggs per day, 147 per week which filled 12 dozens. When the egg production rate rose, the widow then supplied primary school teachers for the neighbouring school. Payment plans were arrived at and this showed that eggs were supplied on credit thus the teachers would pay using eco-cash after receiving salaries.
Mirriam used the money to buy three goats, keep broilers and the rest to pay tuition fee for her all children. “I have never dreamt of this kind of life, had no hope, I thought all my children would die in poverty, but alas, now I can afford two meals a day,” cried Taonesa Mirriam. The farmer went on to narrate that, “Besides my family is now leaving a healthy life all because of SIMBA. I would like to thank E.U for all that they have done to change my life. I have heard and read that all the funds are donated by E.U.” Mirriam is one of the adopters who dragged more farmers to join SIMBA.




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