About ABC

The Agriculture Business Centre in Gokwe South has been created as a private limited company to work with the local farmers for the local farmers.

The ABC is a social enterprise that seeks to promote in a sustainable manner the empowerment of small holder farmers, young women and men and their participation in inclusive local economic growth within the overall concept of decent work for all.

ABC has five business models that it undertakes.

Horticulture Production

Horticulture provides income to small holder farmers throughout the year hence most favoured by the farmers.

There is good potential in horticultural value chains which need to be strengthened more by good marketing.

Contract farming

Contract farming schemes offers farmers an opportunity to produce different value chains that are being developed by ABC.

Aggregation and bulking

The ABC engages in bulking of several agriculture products through individuals and group commodity associations.

The ABC encourages bulk selling from the farmers to the ABC and bulk buying inputs from the ABC.

Aggregation is a key factor in the development of the agriculture sector because it can generate a higher level of efficiencies.

Value addition and processing

The ABC adds value to its farm produce such as fruit and vegetable drying. we also doe oil processing with the produced sunflower and the cake is used for stock feed formulation. At ABC we also package several products and distribute them directly to the market.

At ABC we strive to give the farmers double income for the farmers through value addition. Value addition generates higher returns, allows penetration of the new potentially high-value market, create, create the brand identity, and develop brand loyalty. It increases appeal to the customers and the customer’s willingness to pay a premium for the product.

Shop Front

The front shop sells all agriculture related products as well as non-agriculture, the shop sells to walk in and partner farmers. The shop offers discounts to customers who are in possession of ABC partner cards