The ABC Developing Sunflower Value Chain In Gokwe South

The Agriculture Business Centre (ABC) is developing the sunflower value chain in Gokwe South district Read more

Making Ends meet with Sunflower value chain  

While his peers have left the country in search of greener pastures, it is a different story for Nigel Dube, a father of two who has consistently stayed in the country in anticipation of better fortunes for his life through farming.      Read more

Transforming livelihoods through ROSCAs

Making ends meet for rural dwellers across Gokwe South District located 356 kilometres West of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare is a daily struggle.      Read more

The ABC Transforming Youths Livelihoods in Gokwe South 

“Fortune favors the brave” is a popular expression that describes how courage breaks borders and initiates a breakthrough in one’s life  Read more

The Agriculture Business Centre Establishes Farmers in Action Cooperative

The Agriculture Business Centre (ABC) has established a collective society (Farmers in Action) aimed at empowering smallholder farmers, young women and men in Gokwe South.      Read more

From School dropout to successful businessman

His story is one that inspires youths from rural communities not to resort to drugs and alcohol abuse to escape from the vagaries of the harsh economic climate but work hard to earn a living.. Read more