Our Services

Market Linkages

We provide markets for the Small holder farmers in Gokwe South. Production usually follows markets - no markets - no production above subsistence level read more

Value Chain Development

We develop various value chains and bring the products to market. Exploring new products through value addition and processing is one of our passions. read more

Input Access

We make sure that farmers have access to the correct inputs at the correct time for improved productivity. If you would like to order inputs from the diaspora, please contact us. read more

Shop Front

The ABC shop has been set up to serve the community offering agriculture related products at competitive prices. We offer inputs services to make the farmers have access to affordable and quality agricultural inputs. Veterinary drugs, agrochemicals, vegetable seeds, maize and sunflower seeds are sold here.

Contract Farming

Contract farming schemes offers farmers an opportunity to produce filed crops such sunflower, bambara nuts, and horticultural produce such as carrots, butternuts and other farm produce. ABC Extension officers work hand in hand with farmers to produce quality products in line with market requirements...... read more

Value addition and Processing

The ABC adds value to its farm produce such as fruit and vegetable drying. We are also engaged in oil processing of the produced sunflower and the cake is used for stock feed formulation. At ABC we also package a number of products and distribute them directly to the market..... read more