Value Chain Development

Value Chain Development 

In pursuit of empowerment and employment creation for smallholder farmers, ABC is developing various value chains that we believe that they are going to transform farmers’ lives through improved incomes.

The ABC is creating strong agricultural value chains to sustain the agriculture growth in Gokwe South District, through the establishment of opportunities for processing, value addition, and meeting the market demands.

We are developing various value chains and bringing the products to the markets. We are aiming for an empowered community and we provide an enabling environment for sustainable economic growth through value chain development.

ABC identified an opportunity for the development of drought resistance crops to boost output in times of drought.

Value Chains identified by ABC include 

SunflowerSunflower is a drought-resistant crop and less susceptible to diseases. Sunflower production, offers multiple livelihood opportunities, as it produces important and valuable vegetable oils and animal feeds that are sold to internal and external markets.

Bambara Nuts/Nyimo/Jugo Beans

we are developing this fantastic crop which is rich in protein and micronutrients. This value chain development offers an opportunity for women empowerment as they are the ones that mainly grow this crop. 

Bambara Nut is drought resistant, can tolerate high temperatures, and is suitable for marginal soils. It makes very little demand on the soil and can grow without the application of fertilizers. This crop is important for smallholder farmers because it is an important source of food security and has the potential for the export market.

Quality Protein Maize

 This crop plays an important role in human nutrition and animal health, it has a nutritional value. QPM has more quantity of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Millet & Sorghum

We are developing these value chains as a strategy for adapting to the negative effects of climate change that has affected the district in the past years. Sorghum and Millet have the potential to contribute to food security in the Country. Small grains’ long storage life makes them important as a risk avoidance strategy in food security.


this is a high investment crop that we are also developing in Gokwe South District. This Value Chain has the potential of improving and transforming the smallholder farmers’ live. The crop is marketed and sold locally in Gokwe.

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