Contract farming

Contract Farming 

Contract farming schemes offer farmers an opportunity to produce field crops such as sunflowers, Bambara nuts, and horticultural products such as Sunflower, Quality Protein Maize, Potatoes. ABC Extension officers work hand in hand with farmers to produce quality products in line with market requirements.

ABC provides farmers with a wide range of embedded services that included inputs, extension, and transportation for both the inputs and produce, at the same time the prices for their products are calculated transparently.

The smallholder farmers are contracted for different crops this is done to diversify their source of income.

The ABC Contract Farming scheme is structured in a way that promotes a win-win situation, whereby both parties gain something. It also allows the farmers to timeous access inputs as well as a guaranteed market for their produce.

The contracted farmers have access to technical extension services that are provided by ABC. This is helpful to farmers because some of these farmers have limited funding to outsource extension services. 

To avoid side marketing ABC offers competitive prices that are in the best interest of the farmers and the buyers.

Prices are stated at the time the farmers go into the contract, however at times prices might be revised during the marketing period with farmers being back paid for any arrears. These bonuses are given to all farmers if ABC has earned higher prizes for the product when selling on the international market.

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