Value addition and Processing


The ABC adds value to its farm produce such as fruit and vegetables. We also do oil processing with the produced sunflower and the cake is used for stock feed formulation. At ABC we also package several products and distribute them directly to the market.

We have a processing centre where the value addition of various agriculture produce is done.

It is at this processing centre that value addition of various farm produce is done such as sunflower oil pressing, peanut butter making, and mango drying.

Creating a point of difference from competition, offering more value, and getting closer to customer needs. We have embarked on value addition for some of the products that are produced by our contracted farmers.

Value addition increases the value of primary agriculture produce by increasing appeal to the customers and the customer’s willingness to pay a premium over a similar but undifferentiated product.

Value addition generates high returns, allows penetration of new markets, creates and develops a brand identity.

Value addition in agriculture increases the value of primary agriculture commodities through the production of various agriculture.

Value addition is more important as it brings more income/profit as it helps avoidance of post-harvest losses.

At ABC we strive to give the farmers double income for the farmers through value addition. Value addition generates higher returns, allows penetration of the new potentially high-value market, create, create the brand identity, and develop brand loyalty. It increases appeal to the customers and the customer’s willingness to pay a premium for the product.

Value addition and processing have the potential of improving the incomes of local farmers.

Value addiction allows the farmers to focus on the consumer while producing and through meeting the expectations, At ABC we aim to create a loyal market around our products that are named BOPOMA brand.

Our brand Bopoma is one of the de facto results of value addiction and a fact that a product can be directly identified.

Mango Drying 

ABC discovered that there are a lot of mango fruits in the district and many farmers are throwing away the fruit during the period of ripening hence the decision to do mango drying. The mango produces two products namely

  1. The dried mango strips
  2. Mango leather.

Peanut Butter making 

We use groundnuts that are produced by our smallholder farmers to make peanut butter

Sunflower Oil pressing 

We use sunflower that will have been produced under contract farming to press oil, the pressed oil is packaged and sold under the BOPOMA brand.

Stock feed formulation 

We use sunflower cake to formulate stock feeds, we are currently formulation various stock feeds that we use in our poultry and goat breeding.

Vegetable Drying

We are also drying and packaging vegetables. Vegetables that we dry include 

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